On Monday we went to St Quentin – it hooked down with rain so we just had to spend the time in the shops!!!!!  Thankfully there was a rather splendid wool shop in the town.  But no pictures of the town – all rather unimaginative.
However on Tuesday we went to Amiens.  Stangely it was also raining then, so after a quick pop into Galleries Lafayette to purchase a chapeau for me and a brolly for Mr Stitches we visited Notre Dame.  The cathedral is a replica of the one in Paris, but apparently larger.  

It is magnificent, both outside and in…..
And we lit a candle for Mr Stitches beloved Uncle James.

Then, off to visit the house of Jules Vernes.
Now here’s a useful travel tip.   When walking around an unfamiliar town, in whichever country you may find yourself, avoid using your SatNav to guide you to your cultural hotspot of choice.  It seems like such a good idea but 2 miles later you will find yourself at your destination, only to realise that you’re only 1/2 a mile away from your point of departure.
Well,  I suppose it beats the gym and leaves room for a little patisserie later in the day!
Anyhoo…the museum was fabulous.  A beautiful building….
And you can see the inspiration for the books throughout the home (like the conservatory in “The Time Machine”)…
Right, so where was that cafe again???????