Ok…I’ll stop with the awful puns!  For once, yesterday I actually achieved what I set out to do and got the bindings for the lampshades cut and pressed.  They look very uninspiring to start with….

…but really do make a huge difference to the shades, covering a multitude of sins and errors.   They are quite fiddly to get in place and need the tiniest of stitches, but I do so love sitting and handstitching that this is quite the most fun I’ve had with this project.  They are, therefore, quite time consuming to sew, so I sat after supper and stitched whilst watching TV and managed to get just one strip on. These won’t be finished before I go on holiday.  I am quite tempted to sneak them in the car so I can finish them whilst I’m away.  Wonder what Mr Stitches will think of that?
Tomorrow we are off to Roisel, in the Nord-pas-de-Calais in France.  I’m terribly excited as I haven’t been to France for a year and am getting awful withdrawal symptoms.  So today is a flurry of cleaning and packing and stitching trying to get these trousers finished to take with me.
I’ve not done any construction shots as they are black linen and it just doesn’t show up, but will take some piccies of them when they are complete so you can see what they look like.  The pattern was altered at the waist (as I don’t have one), the back pattern piece and back crotch seam (flat backside), leg length (the usual 2 inches added to make them fit) and a knock knee adjustment (which is hilarious because I don’t have knock knees per se, but pronate enough to make the adjustment worthwhile).  All these adjustment were done by the lovely Janet Moville when I attended her trouser fitting course.  It looks like the course was well worth the money as these have been a dream to make up and look so much nicer than anything I can buy, even though I have thrown them together in the shoddiest of manners as a wearable toile just to get back in the swing of things and to try out the pattern.  This says an awful lot about the appalling fit and construction of most of the stuff on the High Street, but really, don’t get me started on THAT topic!

So, there’ll be no posts from me for a week or so. I’ll be perched in cafes with an espresso or (more likely) a glass of wine, pootling round brocantes and museums and French craft shops.   Poor Mr Stitches.  But what fun!!!!!!  🙂