Over the past month or so I’ve been slowly working on a couple of lampshades for our bedroom (“light” sewing……get it????!!!!!).
I thought it was about time I got them finished as they’ve been patiently awaiting lining and binding for some time now. 

Whilst the lovely instructions in The Complete Lampshade Kit suggest using a lighter weight silk as the lining, a lack of suitable purveyors within a 100 miles of Chorley led me to think that using a bias strip of the face fabric would be a suitable alternative.  So that’s what I’ve gone with – time will tell whether it works or not.

For the frames I stripped the shades that came with the lamp bases – and discovered that they use quite a firm glue to stick the fabric to shop bought frames.  These new shades are all hand sewn.  It’s one of those projects that seemed like such a lovely “Oh, let’s have lampshades that match the curtains” idea at the start and about halfway through you think that what you really should have done is padded the walls of the bedroom instead, because you really are completely bonkers.
However, today I’m hoping to get the bias tape cut with which I shall cover all the raw edges and then, maybe, when they are finished, I’ll revert to the original idea that making your own lampshades is a good idea!