What a strange week.  No building.  No wallpapering.  No painting.  No workmen.  Very peculiar indeed. Instead it’s been what many would consider to be a normal week. 
On Monday I started my pattern making and dressmaking courses.  I’ve drafted the beginnings of a skirt block and will revisit that as it progresses.  At the moment it’s a very unpromising skirt toile and doesn’t look like anything I’d want to be seen in public in.  I’ve also started working on a toile of an Inspired by Project Runway pattern, which hopefully will  be made up in this lovely black and cream satiny fabric.

The fabric was bought last year, or possibly the year before, in Brighton.  I’m hoping there’s enough of it to wiggle this dress out of it with some semblance of pattern matching.

On Tuesday I went to the Historic Chorley Market (I think that’s a typo and should be “Hysteric”).  The market is a celebration of appalling tat and really quite grim, with the odd exception.  I bought enough lamb and steak in various guises to feed us for a couple of weeks and it came to £35.  I worked it back to about a £1 per serving, which I think is at rather good value for money.
The rest of the week passed in a blur of busyness but I really feel that not much got done.   

The weekend was definately the best we’ve had in a while. Yesterday we had a lovely lunch with the Stitches-in-Law (testing the lamb from the market – it passed muster) and then popped over to Cedar Farm Galleries to pick up a brooch that Ma Stitches-in-Law had ordered from the jewellers.  When we got home we discovered that Charlie, feeling left out on the lunch stakes, had snuck into the kitchen and helped himself to the lamb bone and leftovers.  We think he enjoyed it, the little sneaky beast.
So today has been a day of domestic bliss.  Whilst Mr Stitches watched the football (yawn!!!!!!!) I made madelines and hot chocolate for breakfast in bed. There is no photographic evidence of this due to Mr Stitches enthusiasm for madelines.  However, a small cake crumb mountain in the bed confirms the veracity of this statement. 
As the weather has changed for the better, in that it’s finally stopped raining for more that a single 20 minute stretch, I thought it would be a cracking idea to tackle the weedfest that is our front garden. 

Once the weeds have gone, it actually looks really rather nice, and quite as was intended when the borders were planted in the summer.  

A couple of plants have fallen prey to the army of slugs and snails that are encamped in both gardens, and who descend en mass on a regular basis on the gourmet delights we planted.  Ha!  Revenge is mine in the form of a liberal scattering of slug pellets.  Organic of course!  
I then dragged Mr Stitches and Charlie Dog to the park.  Charlie was decidedly more enthusiastic than Mr Stitches, who was, prior to my interruption, happily ensconced in his new den, playing with computers and other boy gadgets.   I was intrigued.  I haven’t been to Worden Park for, oh, maybe 15, 20 years. But I did spent most of my childhood there.  And, with one or two notable exceptions, it hasn’t really changed.  It was surreal, but rather fun.  Charlie had a ball.  

Playing with other dogs and trying to catch squirrels.  I didn’t know before today that squirrels actually laugh at dogs……..once they’re safely out of paws reach up a tree.
After a supper of homegrown courgettes turned into carbonara, 

I wrote this post sat in bed, thinking that, after all, all the work of the past few weeks might just have been worth it.