After weeks of waiting there was much excitement Chez Stitches at 8am this morning as a van arrived and two delightful chaps jumped out and promptly unloaded cabinets, 

doors, worksurfaces and appliances (more of the latter later).
One hour later and we had a pile of the same in the kitchen and a very Extreme Makeover gazebo on the drive.  I was expecting Ty Pennington to pop out of a box at any moment!

I decided to skive for a while as I don’t think the fitters would have appreciated me lurking in the doorway oooing and aaaahing as each box was unpacked.

When I returned I wasn’t disappointed.  In two hours they had built the dresser unit, and as the afternoon unfolded, and I painted the woodwork in Mr Stitches new study, the kitchen came together.

It’s lovely.  Well, that’s actually a HUGE understatement.  But I’m so thrilled I can’t think of enough adjectives.  Needless to say it will become even more wonderful as the week progresses and tiles are added and we have water and gas connected to the appliances.  
Ahhhh, the appliances.  Not only will I be cooking on gas by Wednesday evening, which is enough to send Mr Stitches into raptures in anticipation of Tarte Tatin, but I will be able to utilise my newest, bestest, dishwashing toy……      
Oh happy day!