After two days lulling ourselves into a false sense of security, today we have finally ripped out the vile old kitchen. Which means that, as I type, what will eventually be the home of chocolate delights currently looks like this:

The picture doesn’t do justice to the scene….it doesn’t, for instance, clearly show the thick layer of dust, or the rubbley pile lurking behind the cooker. Nor can you see the 70’s wallpaper in all it’s orange, kitsch glory. But, who am I to spoil your fun?

I feel like Margot in The Good Life!!!

The good news is that Mr Stitches and Mr Stitches Snr have worked like Trojans today to get the wiring sorted. By next Sunday all this (wiring, stipping of wallpaper, filler, sanding, painting) will be done and ready for the fitters and tilers to arrive and make it all lovely. With this in mind we’ve brought forward the Fitting of the Carpets (deliberate capitals – it’s a momentous event which marks the Finishing of the Decorating) and now we shall have cozy toes on Saturday 13th Sept. At which point we shall sleep. A lot.