After 18 months in dark and dusty boxes, tucked in a dismal corner of the attic, some old friends have been brought back into the light….

and now have a new permanent home alongside some new friends…..
It’s rather like Christmas! A task that should have taken less than an hour took considerably longer as each box was lingered over as forgotten books were brought to light, and a reading list for the next six months was mentally prepared. The bookcases, btw, are on the sitting room side of the Great Wall of Euxton. Mr Stitches is the new resident Flat Pack Expert.

AND…..there’s still plenty of room for lots of newcomers. Waterstones here I come.

Speaking of new friends, I received a parcel from Canada at the weekend from the lovely Camilla Valley Farm. Three skeins of their Peace Fleece yarn in winter colours.

These three beauties are to be knitted into MK Carroll’s cosy chapeux for the winter, one of each colour to match my different coats.

It’s almost a knitting plan. And doing my bit for world peace at the same time.