After much sanding, painting and cursing, we finally have a sitting room that looks like we might actually live in it.

The paint was not yet dry when the genie was let out of the box…..

Well, I did say it could come out as soon as the room was finished!!!! (BTW – the walls are NOT painted in Magnolia – just evening light and my rubbish photography.)

After some more cursing as cables were sorted and secured, and then the picture quality was generally tweaked, a certain peace descended and a happy Mr Stitches assumed the position…

And before too many eyebrows are raised in disbelief…yes, I did comment about shoes on sofas, and yes, Mr Stitches has lived to tell the tale and enjoy the fruits of his labours. But only because the I’ve arranged for the sofas to be professionally cleaned in the next few weeks!

I’ve not completely lost the plot.